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Fina flaskor :) Vart kan man köpa dem?
Återförsäljare hittar du på deras hemsida HÄR

Åh va fina lockar! Hur gör du dem och hur får du lockar att hålla länge?
Lockar dem med vanlig locktång och borstar igenom håret när lockarna har svalnat. Ärligt talat så vet jag inte hur man gör. Har testat massa hårspray och stylingsprayer men det är inte mycket som funkar på mitt hår haha. Så har ni något tips på någon bra produkt får ni gärna säga till!

Vad använder du för smink?
Gjort ett litet inlägg om det HÄR

Nice bottles :) Where can you buy them?
Check out their website HERE for places where you can buy them

Lovely curls! How do you do them and how do you make them stay all day?
I curl them with a curler and brush my hair when it has cooled. Honestly, I don't know. I've tried deifferent hairsprays and texture sprays but nothing works on my hair haha. If you know a great product that keeps your curls all day, please let me when

What makeup do you use?
I made a post about which you can find HERE



Sims 4

Vad jag gör på dagarna just nu / What I do on the days now


Vilket är ditt favorit nagellack nu till hösten?
Helt klart Chanels rouge noir

Hur längesen köpte du klänningen?? Så fin
För ca 2 år sen så den finns tyvärr inte kvar

Hur är de att beställa från Aldrig gjort det innan men har hittat så fina saker senaste tiden :)
Har beställt därifrån några gånger och de har aldrig vart något problem. Tar ca en vecka för sakerna att komma fram

Hur ofta tränar du?
Jag tränar cheerleading 2 gånger i veckan och förutom de tränar jag ingenting alls även om jag borde haha

Var hittar du alla fina bilder till din instagram?
På tumblr, weheartit, pinterest och på andra instagram profiler


Which is your favorite autumn nailpolish?
Without doubt Chanel's rouge noir

How long ago did you buy that dress? It's gorgeous
Around 2 years ago

Is a good website for online shopping? I've never ordered anything but I've found so many beautiful things lately
I've ordered things from a few times and it has never been any problems. It takes around a week to receive your order

How often do you workout?
I practice cheerleading twice a week and that's it. But I really should workout more haha

Where do you find all your instagram pictures?
On tumblr, weheartit, pinterest and other instagram profiles


Var är väskan ifrån?
Hittade den på, typ som ebay
Where is your bag from?
I found it on, kind of like ebay

Hej! Har dessa saker kommit ut i butik eller hur fick du tag på dem? Tycker den vita blusen längst ner näst längst till vänster var otroligt fin, men hittar den inte på hemsidan!! Kram
De släpps den 10e april så snart!
Hi! Can you find these things in store or how did you get them? I like the bottom right blouse but I can´t find it on their website!
Released on the 10th of april

Snyggt :D Vilket är ditt favorit nagellack?
Oj va svårt! Min absoluta favorit är nog Chanel - rouge noir
Nice :D What is your favorite nailpolish?
Hard question! But I think it is Chanel - rouge nior

Kan inte du göra ett inlägg med vilket smink du använder? Jättefin blogg :)
Jovisst, kan lägga upp det i veckan. Åh tack :)
Can you please make a post where you show us what makeup you use?
Sure, I´ll post it next week. Thank you! :)

Kan du länka din polyvore sida? Jätte fin blogg!
Tack så mycket :) Javisst, den hittar du HÄR
Can you post a link to your polyvore page? Beautiful blog!
Thank you :) Sure, you can find it HERE

Lovely! :D vad heter du på tumblr?
Lovely! :D Link to you tumblr?


Hej vart kommer glasögonen ifrån, sjukt snygga!
Köpte dem på h&m förra året, tack!

Vad har du för favoriter som träningsskor?
Jag tränar inte så mycket mer än cheerleadingen men jag tycker nike free run är sjukt snygga

Går det bara att beställa teet, finns det ingen affär man kan köpa det i?
Vad jag vet så kan man bara beställa det från deras hemsida HÄR

Alla pratar så himla mkt om det teet :D Äter du någon speciell nyttig kost i samband med att dricka teet?
Nej det gör jag inte, äter precis som vanligt vilket är ganska onyttigt. Älskar skräpmat, chips och andra onyttigheter. Men om man kombinerar teet med nyttigare mat så får man antagligen bättre resultat :)

Where are your sunglasses from, so pretty!
I bought them from h&m last year

What´s your favorite pair of trainingshoes?
I don´t work out much more than my cheerleading but I think nike free run looks amazing

Can you only order the tea, can´t you buy it from a store?
As far as I know, you can only order it from their website HERE

Everyone talks so much about that tea :D Do you eat healty when you drink the tea?
No I dont, I eat the same things I normally do which is pretty unhealthy. I love junkfood, chips and other unheatlhy things. But if you eat healthy you will probably get better results :)


Vart hittar du alla fina inspirationsbilder?
Weheartit, tumblr eller andra instagram

Hur hjälper ditt te från tinytea och hur lång leveranstid var det?
Det hjälper en att bli piggare och rena kroppen från skit, vissa går även ner i vikt av det. Det tog ca en vecka att få det

Var e kjolen ifrån och vad kostar den?
350 kr från hm

Kan inte du ha fler tävlingar där man kan vinna saker eller shoutouts?
Jovisst, det kommer snart :)

Where do you find all inspirationpictures?
Weheartit, tumblr or instagram

How does your tiny tea works and how long did it take to get it?
Increasing energy levels and clean your body from crap, some people loose weight of it aswell. It took about one week

Where is the skirt from and how much did it coats?
40$ from hm

Can you host more contests where you can win a shoutout or other things?
Yeah sure, stay tuned :)




Where is the boots and top from?
The shoes are from scorett and the top is from kookaii

What´s your favorite shop?
Zara and h&m right now

Where is the dress from?
h&m (on the picture below)

vart kommer skorna och tröjan ifrån ?
Skorna från scorett och tröjan från kookaii

Vilken är din favorit affär?

Vart är klänningen från?

Work out

I´ve got a few questions about traning and I´m really not an expert on this but here below you can see some videos with some great exercises. I´m really not a healthy person, but I´ll start now and I´m really excited to get a stronger, more toned body. One thing to do if you don´t feel motivated is to buy some new work out clothes. At least that work for me. If you have any questions, leave a comment below or send me a mail at

Enjoy! xx


Favorite colour: Blue, red and black

Favorite movie: I can´t pick just one haha. But I watched the great gatsby recently and it was great

Addiction: Food, chips and nailpolish

Last hug: Someone at my practise I think

Height: 172 cm

Best instagram accounts: Oh this question is really hard. But some of my favorites are @fashi0nstar @inspoholic @passiionforfashion

Meaning behind my url: Hmm..nothing special really. I just wanted to make a fashionaccount and got inspired by runwaydreamz = fashiondreamzz

Where I work: I work at a café atm

3 bad habits: I bite on my nails. I eat very unhealthy. I eat very fast

Favorite stores: Zara and h&m

Smoke/drink: I don´t smoke but I drink sometimes (yes I´m 19)

A wish: To find out what I want to be in the future.

Tattoos/piercings: Ears only

Me in 3 words: Happy, positive, Imaginative

Zodiac sign: Leo

Hair colour: Dark blonde


Here are the answers from yesterday:

What would you do if one of your best friends calls you fat behind your back, is really popular, and can get any of your other friends to turn on you? Not to mention she picks fights easily.

I would talk to her in private, and ask her why she said that. And I would trust that friends if I were you since she is talking about you behind your back.

How many of your pictures, are actually your own (taken by you) in %.

Hm..I don´t really know in %. I don´t post that many personal pictures. I often say when I do.

What means "shoutout" and how to repost pics?

A shoutout is when you tell your followers to follow another person. For repost, you can printscreen (at least if you have an iphone, don´t know how to do it with other phones) Make sure to give credit if you use someone elses picture!

Your Favorite Music?

I like almost all kind of music..haha

How old are you ?

Just turned 19

What's you favorite color?

Blue and black. And white haha. I like basic colors

Do you like Taylor swift?

Some of her songs are okey :)

What do you do if you have a mean teacher?

Depends very much on the situation. You can ignore her, talk to her or talk to the principal

Are you alive?

haha no.. O.o

Top on your bucketlist?

Okey, my bucketlist is sooo long, but here is 10 things:
Roadtrip coast to coast through USA
Visit New York, during new years eve
Go back to Maui and stay there for a while
Go to an amazing beach party with bonfire and stay up all night, swiming when it´s dark
Stay at a super fancy hotel for a week and just enjoy life
Own a turtle haha
Have a great job
Learn Italian
Attend a masquerade ball
Learn how to surf

How did you get so many followers? I'm trying to get so big as you, only I really need some advice and maybe even tips

I get this question A LOT so here is the answer: I worked really hard and my advice is to always be active. Answer your follwers questions and always be nice to them. Do some sfs to gain followers but not too many because your followers will be tired of it and unfollow you if you do. Make contests and ask your followers questions so they feel more involved.

That's all for now, remeber that you can always ask me questions here, on instagram or KIK (@fashiondreamzz on both) and I´ll do my best to answer all.