thank you

I just wanted to say thank you for all the positive feedback I get. I love loging into my blog and see new comments, likes etc. I also love that my instagram account grows a little bit every day.


It´s very important to take care of yourself. I hate that many young girls starve themselves to be skinny, I mean, that's not healthy at all and you don´t look good if you starve yourself. The key is to find a balance between healthy food and work out. I´m not the healthiest person though...I LOVE junkfood, candy, name it haha. But I´m doing to try to eat better food and only eat unhealthy things on friday/saturday. And I practise cheerleading on Level 5 and that's a great work out. Find a workout that suits you and learn to be confortable with your body. xx


This is one of my favorite sweaters. It's so beautiful and cozy. It's from ester elenora

this or that

summer - winter
jeans - dress
sweet - sour
pizza - burger
sing - dance
black - white
christmas - my brithday
TV - computer
converse - flats
apartment - house
nailpolish - lipstick
pool - the sea
magazine - book
fruit - vegetable
red wine - white wine

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In love with my new clothes!

top - h&m // skirt - zara // sandals - a birthday present

How to match

I got some questions on how to match the zara mini skirt. I made a set on how to match both the black and the white one.

white skirt

black skirt