Here are the answers from yesterday:

What would you do if one of your best friends calls you fat behind your back, is really popular, and can get any of your other friends to turn on you? Not to mention she picks fights easily.

I would talk to her in private, and ask her why she said that. And I would trust that friends if I were you since she is talking about you behind your back.

How many of your pictures, are actually your own (taken by you) in %.

Hm..I don´t really know in %. I don´t post that many personal pictures. I often say when I do.

What means "shoutout" and how to repost pics?

A shoutout is when you tell your followers to follow another person. For repost, you can printscreen (at least if you have an iphone, don´t know how to do it with other phones) Make sure to give credit if you use someone elses picture!

Your Favorite Music?

I like almost all kind of music..haha

How old are you ?

Just turned 19

What's you favorite color?

Blue and black. And white haha. I like basic colors

Do you like Taylor swift?

Some of her songs are okey :)

What do you do if you have a mean teacher?

Depends very much on the situation. You can ignore her, talk to her or talk to the principal

Are you alive?

haha no.. O.o

Top on your bucketlist?

Okey, my bucketlist is sooo long, but here is 10 things:
Roadtrip coast to coast through USA
Visit New York, during new years eve
Go back to Maui and stay there for a while
Go to an amazing beach party with bonfire and stay up all night, swiming when it´s dark
Stay at a super fancy hotel for a week and just enjoy life
Own a turtle haha
Have a great job
Learn Italian
Attend a masquerade ball
Learn how to surf

How did you get so many followers? I'm trying to get so big as you, only I really need some advice and maybe even tips

I get this question A LOT so here is the answer: I worked really hard and my advice is to always be active. Answer your follwers questions and always be nice to them. Do some sfs to gain followers but not too many because your followers will be tired of it and unfollow you if you do. Make contests and ask your followers questions so they feel more involved.

That's all for now, remeber that you can always ask me questions here, on instagram or KIK (@fashiondreamzz on both) and I´ll do my best to answer all.


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