Favorite colour: Blue, red and black

Favorite movie: I can´t pick just one haha. But I watched the great gatsby recently and it was great

Addiction: Food, chips and nailpolish

Last hug: Someone at my practise I think

Height: 172 cm

Best instagram accounts: Oh this question is really hard. But some of my favorites are @fashi0nstar @inspoholic @passiionforfashion

Meaning behind my url: Hmm..nothing special really. I just wanted to make a fashionaccount and got inspired by runwaydreamz = fashiondreamzz

Where I work: I work at a café atm

3 bad habits: I bite on my nails. I eat very unhealthy. I eat very fast

Favorite stores: Zara and h&m

Smoke/drink: I don´t smoke but I drink sometimes (yes I´m 19)

A wish: To find out what I want to be in the future.

Tattoos/piercings: Ears only

Me in 3 words: Happy, positive, Imaginative

Zodiac sign: Leo

Hair colour: Dark blonde

6 oktober 2013 20:45 | Q/A |


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